What is Symantec

Symantec was formed in 1982. Over time, it has absorbed the experience and knowledge of more than 17 different companies, including Peter Norton Computing Inc. (popular utilities for DOS, Windows and Macintosh); THINK Technologies (compilers for THINK C and THINK Pascal for Mac); Zortech Inc. (C ++ compilers for various platforms); Contact Software International (business contact management systems for DOS, Windows, Macintosh, Newton and HP Palmtops); SLR Systems (the high-performance linker OPTLINK for all compilers); Central Point Software (popular utilities for DOS, Windows and Macintosh, network maintenance utilities and antivirus software); Delrina Corp. (WinFax popular fax package and FormFlow document management system).

Today, Symantec develops, distributes and provides after-sales service support for a wide range of application and system software that greatly facilitates and enhances the performance of both individual users and work teams.

What are the main categories of software products:

  • special utilities
  • data protection utilities
  • software for receiving / transmitting fax messages
  • Internet application development tools
  • communications software
  • business contact software

Symantec sells and provides service support for its software products worldwide, which is part of its strategy. The main office of the company is located in Cupertino (California, USA). Regional centers are located in Leiden (the Netherlands), Sydney (Australia) and Tokyo (Japan), and production is located in Sunnyvale (California, USA) and Dublin (Ireland). Distribution and after sales service support centers are open in more than 30 major cities around the world.

Symantec software products are recognized worldwide. Overwhelmingly, they head the relevant segments of the information technology market. The main advantages of Symantec products are well known – simplicity and ease of use, power and variety of possibilities, real benefits for users. That is why Symantec products are marked not only by the numerous prestigious prizes of the computer industry, but also by the most important prize – the recognition and respect of customers.