What is Nintendo

The company Nintendo is not the first year is considered one of the world leaders and innovators in the field of interactive entertainment. Today, its offspring – DS, Wii, Switch game consoles, exclusive Mario, Zelda, Pokemon games that have become brands and captured the dreams of many gamers – are on a par with Sony and Microsoft products.

When did it start

The history of the Nintendo brand as a key player in the video game market begins in the second half of the 20th century. Although the company itself was founded in 1889, and for a long time engaged in the production of playing cards. The name Nin-ten-do has several interpretations, but the most common reading is “Heaven blesses hard work”.

In the era of video games and multimedia, the Nintendo brand brought Hiroshi Yamauchi, the non-replaceable director of the company for more than half a century. Under his leadership, Nintendo began to release the first game inventions, and the long-awaited success brought the release of the Game & Watch console in 1980.

Brand Nintendo

Today, the brand Nintendo sounds on the lips of millions of gamers. This is due to the release in March 2017 of a new hybrid console Switch, which functions as both a portable and a home gaming system. Switch erases the boundaries between the game at home and beyond, allowing you to enjoy the gameplay anywhere, anytime. In addition, players were expecting another surprise – the release of the continuation of the cult game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The Wii and Wii U enjoyed great success. The consoles were bright innovations on the market thanks to wireless controllers that respond to the player’s actions and movements, determining his position and movement in space. It is the developments in the creation of the Wii have become an invaluable experience in the preparation of a Switch-transformer console.

Nintendo Switch went on sale in early March 2017. This is the first of its kind hybrid console from the company Nintendo, capable of performing the role of a fixed and portable platform. For more than a year of its existence, it has shown its commercial success. On the Switch there are both exclusives and ports of famous games.

The company does not stand still and regularly releases updates that basically make the work of the console more stable.